Best Live Transfer Auto Warranty Leads

Live Transfer Auto Warranty Leads

Live transfer auto warranty leads are a great way to help you sales agents talk to interested potential clients. By using call centers located right here in the US, transfer agents contact and then pre-qualify automobile owners for car year, make, model, mileage, and then ask if they want to speak with an auto warranty specialist.  If the vehicle owner chooses to speak with an auto warranty specialist the agent transfers the call to the sales representative.  The best live transfer auto warranty leads work when the right questions are asked and there is a seamless transfer to the end agent. The contact rate is obviously 100% because the auto owner is on the phone live for the hot transfer lead.

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Live Transfer Auto Warranty Leads Benefits:

  • Live transfer auto warranty leads are great for sales with experience with closing deals
  • Live Transfer Auto Warranty reduce hours of time cold calling and  only send pre-qualified and interested in the auto warranty plans you provide
  • Campaigns for auto warranty leads can be scheduled around hours worked, number of leads needed per day, time zones, and state requirements
  • Each auto warranty campaign comes with a portal to track all calls and transfers, disposition, and the ability for managers to review leads.

Custom Live Transfer Auto Warranty Campaigns

Custom live transfer auto warranty call campaigns can really narrow down exactly what you expect to get out of each auto warranty live transfer or “hot transfer”.  The custom call center campaign is billed on the time based on the exact questions you want asked by the call center agent The auto warranty provider that wants a custom live transfer campaign will provide the scripts and all the questions needed to be asked by the call centers for pre-qualification of the automobile owners before being transferred for their extended auto warranty.  The company’s agents that are receiving these will only get highly qualified inbound calls that are consistent with their desired criteria.

Why Choose Custom Live Transfer Auto Warranty Campaigns?

  • Live transfer auto warranty campaigns that are customized deliver only qualified auto owners to the sales agents.
  • The owners of the auto warranty companies provide all the questions needed before the agent can transfer, eliminating non-qualified prospects.
  • Custom Live Transfer Campaigns produce the best possible inbound leads for sales agents
  • Inbound leads from the custom live transfer campaigns are tracked and logged through an admin panel that assists managers to monitor the lead flow, and how each call lead ends up, sale, decline etc.

We know there are many call centers here in the US and overseas, we hope you see the value in dealing with a auto warranty live transfer marketing company that has a proven track record with these types of campaigns. Our marketing firm can produce the highest quality live transfer campaigns for extended auto warranty companies, but we also offer other types of marketing for companies selling these types of plans.

Here are some of the auto warranty marketing products we offer besides live transfers:

  • auto warranty internet leads
  • aged auto warranty live transfer leads
  • aged internet leads
  • auto warranty data for call centers

Live transfer auto warranty leads




Above is a graph displaying the amount of vehicles sold in the US.

In addition to providing all the leads and data you will need to run a successful sales center, we also provide a comprehensive marketing plan for those companies interested in dominating the auto warranty market. Our firm offers our clients the ability to build giant referral networks using the most popular social media networks. By directly working with our social media management services team, you will be able to monitor and maintain relationships with all the customer and potential customers your sales team encounters. Having cheap data for selling auto warranty plans, you will be able to keep your cost low and maximize your profits. Call today and get a quote for live transfers for auto warranty plans, or learn more about the other services we offer.