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Take your sales to the net level immediately with live transfer solar leads, convert highly qualified customer leads interested in wind power, solar energy, or any other energy saving home improvements. We offer live transfer solar leads, aged internet leads, Facebook and PPC solar power leads and more, covering all US states.

Solar energy has turned millions of lives around all over the world; it has many benefits that offer a great energy savings no matter what type of property you own. The following information will help you understand how we can offer the highest quality of solar leads for your company.

If you have been selling solar for a while you know how residential solar leads are not easy to some by. In addition when you find a good call center or marketing source, they are generally not cheap. If you are looking for high quality solar leads for sale that convert to deals then call our marketing firm.


solar leads for sale


Custom Solar lead Campaigns

You have the ability to create your very own scripts, and have our trained telemarketers ask the exact questions you wanted answered before the live transfer call is sent to your agent. You will have complete quality control over the solar lead, because it will be delivered to you from your exact specification. Custom live transfers for solar leads are priced based on what type of length of the script, and an agreed upon success rate.

We are a full service marketing firm, which means we handle all types of marketing campaigns for companies around the nation. Our firm works with one of the top solar lead generation companies in the US that is responsible for many of the “hot transfer solar power sales leads”.  We prove exclusive solar leads to companies at an affordable price that covert at the highest rate possible.

Below is the yearly U.S. installations for Solar power for the last 6 years

Solar installations in the US

How to find solar leads

Search the internet and you find plenty of centers that offer solar leads for sale. But, how many have US call centers, and offer you full access to the facility and scripts. Our offices are located in Southern California and welcome solar lead buyers to visit our facility and meet the staff.

How to generate solar leads

If you want to generate you own solar leads that go directly into your sales floor, we can definitely help you there. We offer complete branding and marketing for you company. We can customize a plan so you can generate exclusive qualified solar appointments right from your own sales floor. There is no cheaper way in the long run then to generate your own solar leads online through effective social media marketing.  Learn more about the benefits of social media marketing lead generation by clicking the link.


What makes us different?

  • 10 years of marketing
  • Experience in multiple lead verticals
  • Flexible campaigns
  • Unparalleled customer care

Types of solar leads available:

  • Internet
  • TV
  • Live transfer
  • Aged Internet
  • Facebook/Social Media
  • Google Adwords

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Our marketing firm is so confident in what we do, we offer a guarantee on all our leads. If we provide you a “bad” solar lead just let us know and we will replace it. Our goal is to make you sales grow, and we stand behind our service 100%.

Because our company offers mortgage leads, auto warranty data, debt leads, we can cross-reference our databases to ensure the client’s information is correct. This enables us to not only provide our clients with the most up-to-date information, but keeps our costs down as well, giving us the ability to sell it at a competitive price.

If you are looking for a leads that are from a call center and don’t mind receiving solar leads from overseas, we can help with that as well. Whether you want to use Avatars, or “live” agents, we have locations located in the Philippines as well. These leads are very close to the quality of those produced in the states, but at about a 25% discount.