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License to License Cannabis Sales

Are you searching for legal marijuana sales? With a population of 39.75 million, California is the most populous and diverse state in the country. However, the illegal market continues to flourish and poses a significant threat to the legal industry in several regulated communities. It also has one of the highest rates of marijuana sales […]

Drug Rehab Directory

Being listed in a drug rehab directory is one way to improve your website’s overall SEO strategy. But will it bring you a business? This will depend on the number of visitors the addiction treatment center directory has currently gone to it, and what are doing to drive in new traffic. So let’s discuss a list of […]

Bulk Sale Escrows California

Over the years they have been called Bulk Sale Escrow, Asset Sale, Business Opportunity Sale Escrow.   California Law states, a bulk sale is defined in the statute as any sale outside the ordinary course of the seller’s business of more than half of the seller’s inventory and equipment as measured by the fair market value […]

Couples Drug Rehab California

California Couples Drug Rehabs It is a known fact that anyone who has been in a relationship where substance abuse is the underlying theme or with a person who has an addiction problem, is conversant with the fact and can give you a firsthand account that; addiction is a disease that eats deep into the core […]

How To Use Pinterest For Drug Rehab Leads

Guide on Generating Addiction Treatment Leads Using Pinterest Ads   If you didn’t know, Pinterest has over 100 million active users. Making it one of the most visited sites on the Internet. So if your addiction treatment center is not using Pinterest yet, you should be!   How can you use this platform to generate […]

Guide For Twitter Marketing Addiction Treatment Center Leads

Addiction Treatment Marketing on Twitter Do you do want to know how to use twitter for addiction treatment marketing. Do you want to know if it’s possible to generate drug rehab leads? Or are you looking for the best rehab marketing ideas for twitter that will bring you quality followers that will benefit your treatment center?   The whole […]

Facebook For Addiction Treatment Center Marketing

The Best Tips For Using Facebook For Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Do you want to market your addiction treatment center but don’t know how to go take full advantage of the one of the largest social media platforms? If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck because this post will help to teach you about Facebook marketing for drug and […]

Drug Rehab Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Guidelines For Drug Rehab Marketing A lot of start-up detox and addiction treatment centers are being sucked into dangerous traps today. Many of these use hosted sites provided by big providers, and they’re ignoring some of the SEO tactics that have been proven to provide benefit. They are allowing these large hosts to set up their […]

Rehab Marketing Ideas Addiction Treatment Marketing

Rehab Marketing Are you looking to have your detox or treatment center full on a consistent basis? Like most businesses addiction rehab centers need a steady follow of customers/patients in order to stay profitable. The biggest challenge for small rehabs is where to start and how can they complete with national companies that spend millions […]