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Leads for Mortgages

Whether you are looking for TV, Live Transfer, or internet mortgage leads for sale we can help you. Did you know there are really only a handful of people that generate most of the mortgage leads out there? Most of the mortgage internet leads are produced and send real-time to those whole have enough lead brokers and/or lenders to take them all. We guarantee all our our leads, and offer 100% replacement on any mortgage leads that do you fit our clients criteria. When you buy mortgage leads from Knack Media you can feel secure that you are in good hands. We have been in the business for over a decade providing mortgage leads to some of the biggest lenders in the country.
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Mortgage Hot Transfers

The trick to finding a good lead provider is to minimize the amount of people who have access to the leads. If you are buying hot transfer mortgage leads, then you have a pretty good shot at closing them, since most places won’t sell that lead immediately after the call (although some do). Depending on your contract, those leads could be sold as “aged” or “24 hour” leads the very next day.

This is why having a company that you can trust is imperative. You want to know that your pipeline is relatively safe, and that a million LO’s are not going to be hammering your client over the next 30 days. Now for internet leads, who knows how many forms the client may have filled out, that is why those leads are cheaper and have less of a closing rate.

Mortgage Purchase Leads

Because we are a national PR and marketing firm, we have accounts with everyone. This makes it easy for us to wholesale mortgage leads, because we know who generates most of them. In addition, through our social media manage team, we have access to mortgage purchase leads. With mortgage rates continually fluctuating, having a good source of purchase leads could be the one thing that keeps your pipeline active if rates jump.

Aged Mortgage Leads

We do have access to aged mortgage leads. These are from a few large sources that offer leads for 30 to 90 days old. These leads are great for call center environments that want something better than a cold call, but cheap enough to buy thousands of them. Prices on ages mortgage leads depend on the state and the filters. The larger the states better the prices get.

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Generate Your Own Mortgage Leads

Another great advantage you have with us is, you can get started right away with the mortgage leads we have, while you start to generate you own mortgage inquires. We can formulate a strategy that drives inbound leads and calls directly to you. We do this by building a virtual community by harnessing the power of social media for business. Once you have a massive following, your services will be displayed to thousands of potential borrowers every day. This is a great way to develop relationships with real estate agents, because the people looking to buy will come to you first for a pre-approval. You can utilize that to start establishing a connection.

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Here are what some of our mortgage lead buyers do to increase their closing ratios:

They try to collect some type of documentation on the first contact. It can be as simple as a pay-stub, insurance, mortgage statement, something that gets them committed, even if it’s just a little.

They also check the house value while on the phone to make sure there is enough equity to take an application, this way they don’t waste a half hour just to find out there is no room in the deal.

Our marketing firm offers leads for all types of industries due to the nature of our business and many contacts in the marketing arena. We have the best mortgage leads for sale and the best prices, we also provide leads for other industries like solar leads, auto warranty leads, student debt etc.  If you are looking to buy wholesale, and save money by buying cheap mortgage leads call and get pricing today.