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Drug Rehab Directory

Being listed in a drug rehab directory is one way to improve your website’s overall SEO strategy. But will it bring you a business? This will depend on the number of visitors the addiction treatment center directory has currently gone to it, and what are doing to drive in new traffic.

So let’s discuss a list of drug rehabs in the U.S. Unfortunately, many treatment centers built a directory of substance abuse treatment centers for the sole purpose of acquiring leads for their addiction treatment center or for their affiliates.

To find a list of addiction treatment centers that have no affiliation with any type of rehab themselves is a difficult challenge. Many are hidden among layers of marketing corporations.

This does not mean there is no value in listing your center In a drug rehab directory. Visitors may still land on your “listing” when searching “list of drug rehabs near me,” and if you are not in there, the client could go to your local competitor.

We have made a shortlist below of some that have a national rehab directory:

1.    The Recover – is the top of our list because it appears to be the only drug rehab directory to offers daily news. This drug news provider drives thousands of new visitors daily by having their journalists writing about trending news stories.

2.    SAMSHA – The SAMSHA national rehab directory is the government website for people looking for different types of treatment. SAMSHA has millions of people visiting their site. They offer an extensive list of drug rehabs in the U.S. If you are opening a treatment center, SAMSHA should be a great resource. Be sure to make sure to submit to their current 2019 list of addiction treatment centers.

3. –’s national rehab directory is probably the most well-known drug rehab directory on the internet. offers an advertising platform on its list called client reach, where treatment centers can have a customized listing that drives leads and phone calls to their center.

4.    Psychology Today – has a directory of substance abuse treatment centers built within their massive website packed with information. They offer the latest from the world of psychology: from behavioral research to practical guidance on relationships, mental health, and addiction.

5. – Addiction Center is another national rehab directory that provides info on addiction, treatment, and recovery. Learn more about signs, symptoms, and signs. Drug rehabs can add their own listing and be featured as a featured directory listing.

Listing an Addiction Treatment Business Online

When it comes to online businesses, 8 out of 10 people turn to online drug rehab directories for their needs. With that kind of ratio, it’s essential to have your business listed. Online rehab directories are the marketing highpoint of the internet. More than 80 percent of all business purchases are completed by doing an online search through business directories. You simply cannot afford not to have your business listed in one. They can increase the traffic to your website while also promoting your site. It is a very efficient and affordable way to advertise your business.

There are hundreds of types of directories online, so many of them cater to a list of addiction treatment centers. It’s essential to do some research about directories before signing up for one. You want to make sure you are getting the best exposure for your potential client. However, it is a good idea to list your business in multiple directories, including a national rehab directory.

After erecting a business from the ground up, you might think the hard part is over, but for an online business, it’s just beginning. Advertisement is important, and you want to make sure that your business is in a list of drug rehabs in many different directories. This will drive more people to your website. Otherwise, your site could remain silent, resulting in a quiet business too. You can’t build a website and hope that it pops up in search engines. That is why listing in a drug rehab directory is so important.

Six Reasons to List Your Business in an Addiction Treatment Center Directory

Increase Traffic

Drug rehab directories are the first place people look when it comes to searching for a business online. You might remember a time not so long ago when people grabbed the yellow pages to look up a business. Now, people hop online to search more efficiently. By having your business listed in a directory of substance abuse treatment centers, you are increasing your chances of driving traffic to your website.

Online presence is essential for any growing business in today’s fast-paced internet savvy world. We are years shy of a world where we exist entirely online, like the movie Ready Player One, but there is still so much accomplished online; you can’t afford to have your piece of the virtual pie.

By submitting yourself to one national rehab directory, you will usually find that your information will be forwarded to other directories too. It helps your website to increase traffic further if you are submitted to many different directories. Try searching for your business name to find out how many different directories you find yourself in. Many small directories will end up pulling information from large directories to create automated listings. Sometimes this information doesn’t always transfer correctly, so it’s important to check different listings within a directory of substance abuse treatment centers to make sure your information is correct. Always update your listing anytime that it changes so all the traffic being generated can stay up-to-date too.

Both direct and indirect traffic can visit your page daily, so it’s important to have accurate and fresh information. Direct traffic can find you by following your website via a URL they were provided. Indirect traffic usually comes through different sources like search engines and directories. Indirect traffic usually starts with some keywords like “list of drug rehabs” typed into a search engine. From there, hundreds of listings pop up. A good directory can make sure your website is on the first page to draw in traffic.

Improve SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the very foundation of marketing and advertising for online businesses. To improve your chances of running a successful online business, SEO has to be a huge part of it. SEO starts through the creation of keywords that will be picked up by a popular search engine such as “list of drug rehabs in the U.S.” or “list of drug rehab centers.” Both of these search topics have important keywords that will create a powerful search for any online engine. For example, Google will highlight drug rehabs, drug rehab centers, and the U.S. and find all the most prevalent information that stands out with those keywords online. If your website gets picked up by Google, your SEO is working hard. If not, there is still work to be done. The best way to hide any business is to make sure it lands on page 2. That’s because online users do not have the time or the patience to flip through a lot of pages to find a business. The top listing on the first page of Google is generally the most popular one. This is true with search engines like Bing and Yahoo too.  

Your whole goal online is to have a domino effect that always leads traffic back to your website. An online substance abuse treatment directory can help you to achieve this. This is done effectively through link building. Link building allows people to search through your website or other websites with a link that always takes them back to your page. It builds credibility and boosts your presence on search engines.  

Grow Your Rep

Your online reputation is important when it comes to directories. You want a nice solid friendship with the directory, and to have one, you have to maintain a good rep. But first, you have to grow your rep, and that all starts with submitting to a directory.

There is no other higher power online than the chance of discoverability. People are getting discovered daily for their talents, and online businesses have a higher success rate if they are well known. To become well known, your business has to be picked up by a search engine. An internet user has to be able to type in a set of keywords like “list of drug rehabs near me” and find your website on the first page of a popular search engine. Having your website on the first page shows internet users that you are more of a reliable company that has taken the time to bump up your advertising and marketing appearance. This builds up your reputation up even further.

Some directories have customer review areas where people can talk about their experience with your website and how helpful it was to them. A good review is what you are hoping for and is also what helps to bring other prospective buyers to your website.

Online business directories allow users to search via different search categories such as service, location, or product. By selecting or typing in a few keywords, a person can find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. They can also be connected to a business that has the potential to be their new favorite business. But the first impression is everything. By strengthening your online reputation, you can prevent bad reviews and increase your chances of making a great first impression to new prospective buyers. One bad review isn’t going to break your business, but it can hurt you online. It can also help your business too. Some people feel more comfortable with a business that has mixed reviews. Too many good reviews can also lead people to look for another business. Some internet users see too many good reviews as “too good to be true.”

Enhance Your Local Growth

Directories are designed to connect internet users through a filtering system. This is why they are so helpful for your addiction treatment business. They can help users to find your business in the fast-paced viral world on the internet. Businesses are a dime a dozen and can quickly become lost, so it’s essential to not only build your reputation up online but also to build your local business growth too. You want to be known to your local community as well as online, and directories can help you to do both.

With your business in a directory, you are already increasing your online visibility. This helps local internet users to find you when searching online. Online business directories show internet users’ details such as product name, services offered, and business location. Many directories also show a reviewer panel so that internet users can read up both positive and negative reviews about a business. Most directories even offer a URL link that takes a user directly to a business landing page and a map with the business on-site. It is easier for people to find a local business. This helps customers to see all the essential information that is needed to help customers find a business.

Expand Through Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a great way to advertise a business. The customer review component of an online business directory is the perfect way to expand the business using word of mouth. Due to the success of smartphones, online companies receive real-time reviews, good or bad. Reviews are a great way to seek out reviews through a direct channel of versatile consumers. It’s also an excellent way to find out what customers like and disapprove of and what customers would like to see in a business.

Registering your business allows internet users to access the information needed to locate a service online, to find out details about working hours, any necessary website links, photos, reviews, and any important updates. This makes it easy for online users to find all the information that is needed at a quick rate.

For a start-up business, an online business directory is a great source of help to promote a business and increase clientele through word of mouth.

Explore Your Brand

The brand is essential when it comes to a business. Exploring the brand is even more critical because it allows a company to grow. Registering a business with an online directory allows business owners to grow while clientele explores their brand. Every single encounter that a client has with a business increases awareness for the company.

The expansion of a band is essential for any business because it allows the company to grow and create more revenue. By potential clients being able to explore business through an online directory, clients become more comfortable. This also increases trust between the business and the prospective client.

Branding is popular among more prominent named companies, but the small business needs to have branding too. A company needs to be able to stand out from other companies to make a difference. By submitting business to different types of directories, locally and otherwise, it allows for the exploring of the companies brand. Reviews also help to grow a business brand.

FAQS about Online Business Directories

What is a business directory website?

A website that lists businesses under different categories by activity, location, niche, and/or size is called a business directory website.

What is an online directory?

An online list or catalog of websites is called an online directory. Directories typically list their directories by a person or business and contain contact information.

What is SEO business listing?

An SEO business listing contains a business name, an address, a phone number, and other details.

What is the local business listing?

An online entry that lists a business name, address, and phone number is called a local business listing.

What are the directory submission sites?

Submitting a website’s URL on several directories and creating backlinks is called directory submission sites.

Are directories good for SEO?

Directories have changed since they were first made available and are perfect for promoting through SEO.

Are online local directories the same as search engines?

While not the same thing, many online directories have a search option in them.

Why is it important that my business is listed in a local online directory?

According to a Burke study, 8 out of 10 shoppers use a local online directory to get the information they need to purchase a product or a service. For shoppers who find the list successful, they use it in the future as well as recommending others to use it too. Rehab marketing companies offer local as well as national SEO.

Top 10 Online Directories for Businesses

If you are looking to improve your business through an online business directory, there are plenty to choose from, and all of them have a large SEO component.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Whitepages
  • BizJournals
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Manta

The Cost of Registering with an Online Directory

Most online directories offer to register your business for free. However, many directories offer a lot of other services for an additional fee. These other services are ways to boost your business, remove advertisements from your business page, or add photos or videos.

Registering a business in an online directory has so many great benefits. It doesn’t matter if your business is a start-up or a long-standing one; an online directory can lead to many different benefits like moving traffic through your website and increasing business revenue.

Here is a list of More websites that offer a drug rehab directory within their site.