Live Transfer Solar Leads Reviews

Best Live Transfer Solar Leads Reviews

The solar power lead generation is flooded with call centers, internet marketers and affiliates of every kind trying to produce these lucrative leads.

Truth is, as a marketing firm we have contacts that we have built over the past 20 years, through business and personal relationships.

Live transfer solar leadsOur company reviews solar lead live transfers for our clients that by solar “hot transfers” and evaluate their ROI.

Here is our breakdown from most of the U.S call centers for live transfer solar leads for sale. You can expect to pay between $100 to $350 per transfer.

The prices vary based on state, purchase order size (the company buying 100 transfers a day gets better pricing than the company buying 5).

There are different types of solar live transfers you should review to discover which would be the right fit for your sales agents.



Some offer to set an actual appointment for your sales agent to show up at the residence, and some live transfers pre-qualify the homeowner with a set of questions. Once certain criteria are met, then the solar lead is transferred. Depending on how you run your sales floor, an appointment may be better for you than just the “pre-qualify” call.

Most solar lead providers will offer leads based on what the end user wants, but here are the most common filters.

  • Good FICO Score/Credit
  • Have no recent foreclosures or bankruptcy’s
  • They have an interest to “go solar”
  • Currently pay more than $XXX per month on electric bill
  • It’s the owner of the home
  • The roof receives enough sunlight
  • All calls are recorded for quality assurance
  • All call center agents are highly skilled at asking the right questions
  • Leads are posted directly into you CRM
  • Customer support to resolve any issues

You also have a choice on where your solar transfers come from, domestic or foreign. A lot of companies do not like to use call centers out of the country for certain reasons, but those that don’t mind the challenges can see a significant savings.

American call centers for solar leads

Overseas, we found the best Philippine call centers live transfer solar leads and got pricing. All these prices should be tested, and quality and pricing does change, but we found call centers as low as $30 per transfer. Now if solar leads from the Philippines isn’t your thing, you could consider India, or even better Mexico.

We have personally seen the best results from the U.S and the Philippines for solar live transfer leads. I will caution you, that if you don’t know the call centers over in the Philippines you will get low quality leads.



lead generation for solar power

Another option for you to consider is generating your own live transfers for solar by purchasing data or internet needs and pr-qualify them before transferring them to a seasoned agent.

What we recommend is doing a combination of buying solar “hot transfers” while you build your own marketing strategy online using Branding, PR, and Social Media, to generate your own exclusive solar leads.

Everyone wants to spend money now, and get leads now, but don’t think of spending a portion of that money to invest into your brand, which brings in deals at a lower cost over time.



You have to ask yourself, am I going to be doing this a year from now? If the answer is yes, then you need to seriously consider investing some money and time into building your brand in your market.

Imagine if you had started a year ago with marketing your own website, videos, social media pages. You would have inbound calls of interested home owners for solar, at a fraction of the cost. If your company is searching for high quality live transfer solar leads for sale, then contact our firm for a quote today.