Guide For Twitter Marketing Addiction Treatment Center Leads

Addiction Treatment Marketing on Twitter

Do you do want to know how to use twitter for addiction treatment marketing. Do you want to know if it’s possible to generate drug rehab leads? Or are you looking for the best rehab marketing ideas for twitter that will bring you quality followers that will benefit your treatment center?


The whole goal with all social media (including twitter) is the amount of engagement. If others don’t engage with you, you’re not going to get the results you are expecting. The first step in building a good active twitter account is to make sure that you have your profile is filled out completely, with your addiction treatment center link included with your bio.


Once you have your profile pic, and background up, and your twitter rehab account is complete, start posting some industry related tweets. Although twitter allows for 140 characters, tweets under 110 characters receive 17% higher engagement. The reason is, when you post a shorter tweet, it leaves space for other people to retweet your message and add some commentary of their own. Keeping your tweets around 80-110 will give the ability for users to comment. If you use all 140 people will have to edit your tweets before they can add in their text and retweet (and most people don’t take the time, lowering your engagement)


Best Times and days to send Tweets

The most productive time to post your tweets for your rehab center is the daytime in your time zone between 8am and 7pm. There are free online tools available to find out when your audience is most active. Believe it or not engagement on the weekends is 17% higher than on the weekdays.


You should track the times that you receive the most engagement, this way when your are promoting your addiction center you will get more followers that are interested in your “message”. When businesses post tweets during “normal” busy hours 8am-7pm will get 30% more engagement than on the “off” hours, the same goes for tweets on the weekends.


Share Images and addiction recovery quotes


By using images in your posts, your addiction center will receive a 150% boost in retweets, just by adding images to your posts. Using social media should be a key factor to your overall treatment center search engine optimization marketing strategy.


Having images in your tweets aren’t anything new, but not many businesses are using them enough. The data behind this extra effort is well worth the extra minutes it takes to add a cool image, or recovery quote. If you are looking to market an addiction treatment center on twitter, adding images is one of the top tips.


Have you ever heard the phrase “if you don’t ask then you don’t get”? Another missed opportunity for drug treatment centers on twitter is to ask for retweets. Less than 1% of businesses even ask at all. Asking for a retweet in the addiction market is a huge missed engagement method, those in recovery or know someone who is, love to promote informative information about recovery. Using clear call to action words like “please retweet, follow, help” will get your followers to more likely to engage.


When you ask for a retweet you might be surprised how many you get. Don’t go crazy and ask all the time, but if you have a really good image or important industry news, give it a shot, the results may shock you.


Be Sure To Use Hashtags


What to double your engagement? Then use hashtags, but use them sparingly, try to use a couple hashtags don’t go crazy with them. Less than 25% of tweets use hashtags, so by using hashtags for addiction treatment you will be ahead of 75% of the competition. People use hashtags to search out specific topics, so its a must in your twitter game-plan.


Include Links With Your Addiction Center Tweets


Salesforce has reported that 92 percent of all Twitter interaction (replying, retweeting, etc.) occurs when users click links. In fact, the tweets that have links receive more retweets – a whopping 86% more, according to their research. The correct amount of links in your posts should be over 50% of the time, and under 80% seems to be the best percentage for getting retweets. Another fun fact is, your addiction treatment center twitter marketing campaign will be ahead of the game, since most tweets are not using this feature enough.


Tweet Often, But not Too Often

drug treatment marketing on twitter




Some people think it is a good idea to tweet a ton of times and you’ll get a ton of new followers, while this may work for Donald Trump lol, this is not true for your drug and alcohol rehab. Try to post 1 to 4 times a day, the data out their supports these figures and have been proven to work best for twitter marketing for treatment centers.





To drive your twitter treatment center marketing to the next level, use websites like Buffer, or Hootsuite to schedule your posts, this can free up more time to create, or find information that your followers will find valuable. You can also cross-post your images, and content to Pinterest, Instagram, Google plus etc. This will also assist your Facebook addiction marketing as well, so take the time to either manually post to these social channels, or use some of these scheduling tools.


There are some other cool free online tools that can help you cross-post from your tweets to other social networks, or from a WordPress site to twitter. IFTTT (If This Than That) is a super cool free tool that allows you to create “recipes”. Basically, you can set it up to where when you post a tweet, you can syndicate to other places. This is a great way to get drug rehab leads by using twitter and IFTTT to send to other channels for maximum exposure. You can create a free account here


Rehab Marketing Ideas for Twitter


If you are stuck on how to find content for addiction treatment marketing and not sure how to bring in new drug rehab leads then pay attention. Using sites like BuzzSumo can help you find winning content to post or comment about.


This is what a BuzzSumo term search can offer you:


  • Show you what is generating the best social responses.
  • Allow you to see how they are performing on social media, Twitter.
  • Discover more about the amount of back-links and who’s sharing and how much it is being shared.
  • For Twitter engagement, you can click on the “View Sharers” you will have to upgrade to the paid version for this.


Another great way to get great content to increase your Twitter addiction treatment center marketing is to use Google News, Yahoo News, Bing, etc. Search each morning for new information about drug addiction, new treatments that are available, or any other industry news that your followers would like to know about. You can also search Facebook trends, this is another great free resource to find content that is “trending”.


Growing you addiction treatment Twitter account


In order to grow your twitter account with followers, you not only have to post 1 to 4 tweets per day with images, 80-110 characters, with 2 hashtags, and during “day” hours. You also have to engage and comment on other people’s tweets. Generally, if you like, comment and follow someone, they will follow you back. Try to give them some time to follow you back, if they don’t, or you don’t like the posts they do, you can always un-follow them.


Now that you have some good rehab marketing ideas for Twitter, you need to find some good images that you can use without getting you into any trouble. Sites like will allow you find great images that have free commercial use. Do not go to Google images and copy photos you find, this can get you in some serious trouble costing you legal issues and money.

twitter post for drug rehab leads


Once you have found an image that matches your story, head over to and get some more free cool tools. This site allows you to pick the perfect size along with the ability to customize the image. There are some paid feature on this site, but enough free stuff to keep you busy. (I have used for 6 months every day and have not paid a dime) There are other websites that are similar, I just happen to like this one. The point is, you can find plenty of free tools to help you find and post great images that won’t cost you a penny.




Now let’s say you have a budget for twitter marketing for your treatment center, and you want to drive traffic not only to your Twitter page but also to your blog using Twitter’s paid advertising.


The process is very similar to Facebook, all you have to do is login to Twitter ads, and launch a campaign.


Twitter Cards tend to get more engagement than traditional 140 character tweets. Twitter cards give you the ability to attach videos, photos, and media experience to Tweets that helps deliver traffic to your blog or website. Just add a few lines of HTML into your site, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet that will be visible to all of their followers.


Drive engagement from your Tweets

The below Card types have a beautiful consumption experience built for Twitter’s web and mobile clients:


  • Summary Card: Title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.
  • Summary Card with Large Image: Similar to a Summary Card, but with a prominently featured image.
  • App Card: A Card to detail a mobile app with direct download.
  • Player Card: A Card to provide video/audio/media.


To learn more about how Twitter’s Card meta tags and how Twitter web crawler works, please check out their Getting Started Guide.


Now that you’ve got started, here are a couple strategies that work.


First, send out a tweet the regular way, and monitor the initial traction. If you start to get great engagement, then consider promoting it. Many times you will post an “organic” post and it will start to take off. Just like on Facebook where you can boost them, think of the same concept on Twitter.


With this type of real-time platform you can tweet a bit more, you can use Twitter’s analytics to view which tweets are getting the highest engagement from the dashboard. Then, use these figures to decide whether to promote them from the ‘Select an existing Tweet’ option, from inside the campaign option.


If you have been on Twitter, you know that things move at a quick pace. What this means that your twitter addiction treatment ads will get “old” fast and lose engagement much faster than they might on other social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.



The bottom line is, if you are running an addiction treatment center and you are looking for ways to expand your local and national reach to get more drug rehab leads, then you need Twitter. Twitter advertising for treatment centers makes sense because of the cost and the continual engagement that you will receive, as long as you continue to produce good content. You can test different rehab marketing ideas on Twitter for zero cost, and then promote posts that do well. Take the time to grow your followers, they could be future patients!